A Subtropical Delerium
I have been regularly visiting this 500 year-old city for the fast thirty years off constant shifts and dramatic changes.  This book looks at the history of this city, its cilture and unique society. literature music, baseball and asks what changes and what always stays the same in this great tattered and delerious metropolis. Bloomsbury January 2017

The strange and colorful history of a biological function that became a commercial product and the many health and environmental issues that followed. Includes, cows, goats, sheep, yaks, buffalo and people. Bloomsbury


One of nature's most remarkable and inspiring animals with a long history of both commercial and sports fishing all over the Northern Atlantic and Pacific, Threated by everything fromn deforestation, to climate change, to dams  if the salmon can survive than there is hope for the planet. Interesting ideas are coming up but so are difficult challenges. Patagonia 

a Young adult book on the crisis in disappearing insects such as bees, butterflies, lady bugs and fireflies and its potentially devestating impact of the natural order of the planet.