<December 2021>
Puking for freedom
Question #6: Does Rick Santorum have the right gastrointestinal system to be President?

When did the Republican Party become the Party of entertainment. You just can't wait to hear what they say next. You can't make stuff like this up.  Remember when you were a kid there would be some kid who would threaten that if you didn't do what he wanted he was going to puke. Now Rick Santorum has become that kid.
 On ABC News’ This Week he said that John F. Kennedy’s 1960 speech on freedom of religion made him want to vomit. Santurum's response to Kennedy's’s assertion that “the separation of church and state is absolute” was “You bet that makes you throw up." 
You bet. This raises several questions about the Presidential candidate.
1- Since one of the most prescious concepts of the U.S. Constitution, a cornerstone in making American democracy an improvement on Europe, is the seperation of church and state, can we have a president who loses his lunch at the mere thought of it?
2-Is Rick Santorum so psychologically and physically deranged that ideas that he doesn't like make him vomit or is he just incredibly crude and inarticulate?
3-Is Santorum so ignorant that the entire concept of seperation of church and state goes over his head?
4-Will Mitt Romney find something that he can vomit about?
Lets just move ahead to the last two questions. The concept of seperation is two pronged. No religion is allowed to establish a special place and no religious practic or expression is to be outlawed. So Santorum's claim that it keeps religious people from expressing their point of view has no basis in fact. Why is it that most of the time only a certain stripe of christian has a problem with this. Everyone else is grateful for the seperation of church and state because they fear the christians running things.  If there were no seperation of church and state and this meant that Mormons or Catholics or Jews or Moslems were able to run things Santorum supporters would more than lose their collective lunch. So this is an unlikely stand for a Roman Catholic like Santorum, except that his political base is Christian. Funny that they aren't getting queezy about a Catholic who opposes seperation of church and state. That's why JFK made his speech.
     But what about Mitt who is nothing if not adaptable. He is going to want to vomit too? But over what? The religion issue does not work well for him. because he is a non-christian trying to appeal to christian voters.  But how about this for a Romney moment. Couldn't he claim that bad financial management makes him want to hurl? Or how about shoddy immigration law. The sight of all those illegal folks, doesn't that just make him want to up chuck.
I don't know. but surely there is some way he can work the lunch tossing in his favor. I am sure his highly competent staff is working on it right now.
Doesn' it just make you want to...