Relief for Haiti

As some of you probably know, I have a long standing connection with Haiti. When an earthquake devestated Port-au--Prince Americans opened their hearts and wallets , moved by the dimentions of the tragedy. At the time I wondered why it took this catastrophic to awaken the world to the poverty and misery so close to the U.S. Many of the horrid conditions, the state of the hospitals and the lack of doctors and medicine, malnutrition, illiteracy had always been true. Now some years later Americans have moved on to other causes while Haiti still suffers. Many of the refugees have been moved out of tents to cinder block houses in crowded new communities precariously perched on steep slopes. The lack of health care and schools remain huge problems. The capital still looks as though it was struck by a massive bomber attack. But there are more reasons for hope than ever before. Other nations have come in to build roads and houses. Organizations have been supplying health care and training. The Haitian government with limited resources has been building schools. Now is a good time to help Haiti.  Now that Haiti has disappeared from the front pages of newspapers, please remember our brothers and sisters so close to our shores.  Now is when it is important not to forget.  If ever you have felt that you should do more for people in need, now is the time. If you do not have an idea of what to do, here are two organizations that do excellent work.

Save the Children
Doctors Without Borders