Americans Have Cinnamon on Their Buns

Americans Have Cinnamon on Their Buns
by Mark Kurlansky

America is
a cinnamon coated land
O, I don't know why it is
We put it on our buns
And sticky buns at that
We put it in our tea
and foam of Italian coffee
Cinnamon in apple pie.
makes it as American as.
A spiced land gone astray
the cinnamon promised land
spice drunk land of promise not kept
and little curls of foreign bark
Keep your hungry yearning to be free
We'll take your bark to sprinkle on rice
mull wine and cider
and up your crepe suzette.
Democracy spiced with meanness
Our bark is better than our bite
equality for some and spice for all
and cinnamon on our buns
bark spiced land of plenty
where it can be truly said
that in cinnamon we trust